digital live album :
HATAKEN – Live at Matsuri Digital presents 大忘年祭2018
modular synthesizer live for 60 min. at Unice , Tokyo .

digital live album :
HATAKEN – Live at Modular Cafe 2018
9 tracks of all performances at monthly live event Modular Cafe in 2018 .

Solo Album from Matsuri Digital Chill as the first release of label .
even 5 years long after last album”Ascension” (TKG Music)
CD also released on Mar.21st 2018 in shop.A Prana Planet


HATAKEN – Modular synthesizer live at Modular Cafe Phase 27
on Mar.21st 2018

HATAKEN’s music is released on Bandcamp / Hataken

Wåveshåper  (Greg Hunter & Hataken )
Links:Wåveshåper releases