HATAKEN 5年ぶりソロアルバム”a prana planet” Matsuri Digital Chillレーベル第一弾としてリリース!

HATAKEN 5年ぶりソロアルバム”a prana planet” Matsuri Digital Chillレーベル第一弾としてリリースされました!


日本が世界に誇るアングラアンビエント界の重鎮にして、日本のモジュラーシンセ界のキーマン ”HATAKEN” の5年ぶりにして国内初のフルアルバムがMatsuri Digital Chillからついにリリース決定!!

Boom Festivalでは7時間に及ぶアンビエントライブをソロで演奏、WåveshåperとしてはGreg Hunterと共演、TFoMでSugizoとのコラボを実現させたシンセマスターHATAKENがMATSURIとタッグを組み、アンビエントシーンの根底を揺るがす作品をドロップする。往年の名曲から、ダブテクノやブレイクビーツの要素を取り入れた新曲まで、さらなる領域に達したHATAKENが世界へ向け発信する。

Five years after from last release, the world-class Japanese underground ambient music and modular synth master Hataken releases his latest album on Matsuri Digital Chill!

As a pioneer of Japanese ambient music, the producer has forged his name in the scene over the years, such as playing a 7-hour set at Boom Festival, as well as he collaborating with Greg Hunter as Wåveshaper, in collaboration with Sugizo at Tokyo Festival of Modular.

Now he is working with Matsuri to drop the album that will shake the roots of the ambient scene. Bringing his known melodic style of his earlier pieces to new tracks incorporating elements of dub techno and breakbeats, Hataken expands into new territory with this new album, from his native Japan to share his sound all over the world.

///Release info///

Album Tittle : a Prana Planet
Cat No.: MDC001
Label: Matsuri Digital Chill
Beatport release date: 2017/11/12
Physical release available soon!

track list :
Prana Planet
Autumnal Sun 2017
Light Viewer
Electronic Sound
Freezed Fountain with Sunshine
Spark-ring Autumn



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